Playwright Hasmukh Baradi has written more than two dozen plays, six of which were produced in Central Sangeet Natak Academy and National School of Drama Festivals. He wrote “History of Gujarati Theatre” for National Book Trust, Delhi (1996). It is translated in English by Vinod Meghani and published by National Book Trust, New Delhi. (2003)

He was Senior Fellow for theatre, Department of Culture, Government of India (1990-92) and also the Senior Research Fellow for literature of the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, (2003-2005).

He conducts theatre workshops for adults and children. He was awarded NARMAD Award for playwriting, and awarded Chandravadan Mehta Award-2000, for life time achievement.

He has contributed to the Gujarati Theatre and folk theatre entries in the Oxford Theatre Companion, published by Oxford Press, Calcutta, and is a Contributing Editor to the Theatre and Media sections of the Gujarati Encyclopedia, published by Vishwakosh Trust, Ahmedabad, in its 25 Volumes.

He voluntarily retired as Executive TV Producer (1975-93) when he produced about 3 dozen TV serials (both plays and documentary / participatory) for DECU / ISRO, Ahmedabad. He was awarded “Sandhan” Critics Award for full-length TV play “Rai no Darpanrai”, written and produced by him.

He began as a broadcaster on AIR (10 yrs.) and Moscow Radio (5 yrs). He conducted local Radio Workshops, and one Training for Trainers workshops for Local Radio for AIR broadcast-officers. He attended Media-workshops and conferences at Malaysia, Germany etc.

He has conducted a number of TV production and Script Writing Workshops both as Course Director and Chief Resource Person for DECU/ISRO; Asia - Pacific International Broadcast Development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He wrote a textbook on “TV Production” in Gujarati for University Book Production Board, 1993, which was adjudged best book by Gujarati Sahitya Akademi. He is media teacher for more than three decades at various universities / colleges, Non-Govt. Organizations, Mudra Institute of communications, etc.

His produced a two-hour telefilm entitled “Bhaththi” which was telecast as a part of 50th anniversary of India’s Independence, by Doordarshan, Ahmedabad during August - September 1997.

Presently he is running a training centre - Theatre and Media Centre - where short-term courses in Theatre Arts, Video Production, TV Journalism, TV Announcer / Anchor persons, Scriptwriting etc. are taught.

He edits a Theatre Quarterly ‘Natak’ (Drama) since January’98 which has become a nationally known magazine in the field of theatre. A total of 46 Issues are published till Jan. 2009.

A special issue of ‘Natak’ was brought out in 2007, to mark the completion of 150 years of Gujarati theatre.

His training includes Doctorate in Theatre, at Lunacharsky Institute, Moscow, 1971. and Producers Trainer’s Training, at Asia-Pacific International Broadcasting Development; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,1986


Aakhun Aaykhun Farithi (Two-act play), Sangeet Natak Academy Festival, 1990, and North Zone Fesival, (2005) Direction by Janak Raval.
Anant Gatha (Music and Mime play), Sangeet Natak Academy Festival, 1991, Direction by Manvita Baradi.
Rai No Darpan Rai (Two-act play), Sangeet Natak Academy, 1993, Direction by P. S. Chari.
Rai No Darpan Rai (Two-act play in Hindi translation), Sangeet Natak Academy, 1997, direction by Bhanu Bharati.
Shakaar (Two-act play in Hindi translation), West Zone cultural Centre, Udaipur, 1996, and Nandikar, Kolkota, Direction by Laique Hussain.
Jashumati Kankuvati, National School of Drama Festival, 2002, Direction by Manvita Baradi and Janak Raval.
Julius Caesar,National School of Drama Festival, 2004, Direction by Janak Raval.


Contributed entries of Gujarati Theatre to the Oxford Theatre Companion, published by Oxford Press, Calcutta, 2004.
Contributing Editor to the Theatre and Media sections of the Gujarati Vishwakosh (Encyclopedia), 25 volumes, published by Vishwakosh Trust, Ahmedabad since 1988.
Visiting Faculty for theatre training for designers - School of Architecture, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, since 1988.
Theatre Critic, Indian Express, Ahmedabad, 1979-84.
Syndicated columns on theatre and media issues in newspapers; Janasatta, Samakalen, Janambhumi, Times of India, since 1963.
Workshops for Children for Cadila Zydus, Garage Studio Theatre, Theatre And Media Centre, Teachers training school etc. TMC Childrens' Repertory with 23 Actors launched on 18/01/2004.
TMC Actors' Repertory of 40 Actors launched on 21/10/2000 performed 12 plays, 5 at National level and 2 plays responding to Gujarat situation - Earth Quake and Communal Harmony.
Recognizing the contribution, to continue further training in theatre and media, the Govt. of Gujarat has allotted 3000 sq. mts of land at Ahmedabad. The Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India, is partially supporting to build 70 x 40 x 20 black box theatre, Amphi theatre, Audio - Video studio.This is for the first time that a theatre group has been given land to build theatre training institute in Gujarat.


Gujarati Theatre no Itihas National Book Trust, Delhi 1997
History of Gujarati Theatre(Translation by Vinod Meghani) National Book Trust, Delhi 2003
German Playwright Bertolt Brecht Parichaya Pustika, Bombay 1994
Natya Taleem – (Theatre Training)
Diary of a workshop participant
Parshwa Prakashan 1997
Bengali Theatre no Itihas
National Book Trust, Delhi 2008
Director / Actor Jashwant Thaker Information Department
of Gujarat Govt.
Abhinay Kala (Art of acting) University book publication (with Jashwant Thaker) 2000
Theatre Name Ghatna
(Language of theatre and language in theatre)
Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Ahmedabad 2005
Theatre Ek Ghatna in Hindi Translated by Anjani Majithia
Pub. Theatre Media Centre


Flashback : Memoirs of
Rasikbhai Vakil
Asait Sahitya Sabha,Unza 1997
Natak Desh Videshman (with Dhirubhai Thaker) Gujarat Vishwa Kosh,
Editor, Natak-Budreti Quarterly
(now total 46 issues)
BUDRETI Trust Since 1998


Play Publisher Year
Kalo Kamlo (Two-act play) Roopali Prakashan 1974
Pachhi Robajee Bolya
(Three-act play) reprint 1995
Parshwa Prakashan 1978,
Janardan Joseph
(Long play) 1995
Parshwa Prakashan 1980,
Rai no Darpan Rai (Two-act play) Parshwa Prakashan 1989
Eklun Aakash
(Two-act play) reprint 1995
Parshwa Prakashan 1985
Teer-No-Sanananat (One acts) Parshwa Prakashan 1995
Shakaar, Hun Raja no Shalo
(Two-act play)
Natak, TMC 1999
Gandhari (Two-act play) Natak, TMC 2000
Julius Ceasar (Two-act play) Natak, TMC 1995
Draupadi Nu Dyut (Two-act play) Shabda Shristi 1996
Mujhe Ek Patthar Chahiye(Long play - Hindi) Hindi Sahitya Academy


Vanyamama :
Chekhov’s Four-act play 1983
Bhashantar Nidhi, Bhavnag
Maran Vishwa Vidyalayo :
Maxim Gorky's autobiography 1985
Raduga Prakashan, Moscow
Antral : Jean Genet's play 1993 Alliance Francis, Ahmedabad
Sinduria Sadh :
Alexander Green's novel, 1993
Raduga Prakashan, Moscow
Lukomorye : Stories byRussian writers, 1986
Raduga Prakashan, Moscow
Chekhov nan Pharas Natako
(Farce plays by Chekhov), 2000
Gujarat Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar



TV Production Text book, 1993
Universtiy Book Publishing
Film Production and Art,
Text book 1997
Navbharat Sahitya Mandir
Angle, 1997 Navbharat Sahitya Mandir
Media Literacy,
Navbharat Sahitya Mandir
TV- Radio as Mass Media
Navbharat Sahitya Mandir
Satyajeet Ray’s Art of Cinema,
National Book Trust, Delhi


Contribution in Media

List of TV Productions for DECU (ISRO) / Doordarshan, Ahmedabad and as Freelance Producer / Director

Name of Programme Type of Programme Parts Year
Chatur Mota TV Serial 20 1975
Mari Mahent ni Kamani Documentary on Small industry 20 1975
Dhanji Makanji Malji TV Serial 52 1976
Alak Malak-ni-vato Dance-Music play 2 1977
Mitha Pani no Machhla Udyog Documentary on Fishing 13 1978
Mahisagar na Moti Audience participatory programmes 40 1979
City of Ahmedabad
(on the city’s architecture)

Film Documentary
4 1979
Swasthan Shri Vasna Buzurg Audience Participatory Programmes 36 1980
Khushnuma Khayal no Khel Folk Play 1 1981
Konark Film Documentary on Sun Temple 1 1982
Thijelun Kavya TV Documentary 1 1982
Goverdhanram Tripathi TV Documentary Biography 1 1983
Tribhete TV Plays
Longest series till 1988
156 1984-88
Rai-no-Darpanrai Full length TV Play Dura.
2 hrs.
Praudh Sikshak Taleem Motivational Programme Series
on Adult Education,
for Central Govt.
14 1988
Modhera –
Sun Temple
TV Documentary 1 1989
PSLV Documentary on the launch pad, for ISRO 1 1992
Bhatthi :
A commissioned serial based on a novel
TV Play for DDK, Ahmedabad on 50th Anniversary of Independence Dura.
2 hrs.
Slum Networking -Urban Development Ahmedabad
Municipal Corporation
1 2002
Manaswini- A serial on a story by Dhiruben Patel Door Darshan Kendra,
1 2003
Documentories on Solid Waste Management, Urban Management International City Managers'
Association, USA.
10 004/08
Art of puppetry Information Dept. of Gujarat Govt. 1 2005
Cave theatre Information Dept. of Gujarat Govt. 1 2006


Plays and writings on theatre
in other Languages
‘Two plays by Baradi’
Jashumati and Shakar, Publication ByGujarat Sahitya Akademi, 2008.

‘History of Gujarati Theatre’
, translation in English by Vinod Meghani, publication by National Book Trust, Delhi, 1997.
‘Theatre-Ek Ghatna’, Essays on phenomenon called Theatre in Hindi translation - Anjni Majithia, supported by Gujarat Sahitya Akademi, 2008.
‘Janardan Joseph’, two act play in English, Published -‘Indian Literature’ issue-185 of May-June, 1998; Translation in Hindi by Krishnakant ‘Pummy’, 1985
‘Mujhe Ek Patthar Chahiye’,, long play in Hindi translation / publication - Suresh Sharma ‘Kant’, supported by Gujarat Hindi Sahitya Akademi, 2001.
‘Shakar Men Raja Ka Shala’,two act play in Hindi translation - Sushila Joshi, 1994, Performed by Laique Hussain, 1995.
‘Rai ka Darpanrai’, , two act play in Hindi, translation - Suraj Prakash and Vipin Pathak, Direction Bhanu Bharati, 1996.
‘Jhindgi Firse’, two act play ‘Akhun Ayakhun Fariti’, in Hindi translation - Vibha Mishra and Vrinda Manjit, 1993; Directed by Vibha Mishra, 1993; ‘Tisavan Din’ translation by Sushila Joshi, 1991; ‘Manda’, in Marathi by Vishwas Patil, 1990
‘Akelo Akaash’, Two act play ‘Eklun Akassh’ in Sindhi, translation-Jayant Relwani, publication Sindhu Bharti-1987.
‘Kala Kambal’, Two act play ‘Kalo Kamlo’ in Hindi, translation-Sushila Joshi, 1991.
‘Gandhari’, a novel in Hindi, Publication in Hindi Magazine ‘Dainik Navjyotyi’, May-June 1998.
‘Gandhari’ (multi-charater), two act play in Hindi 1993; Direction by Laique Hussain, 1996.
‘Sau Kundo Ke Bich Gandhari’ (one actor), in Hindi; translation-Anjni Majithiya, 2007, Performed by TMC, 2007

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